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Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. is a business based in the province of Modena which operates in precision machining on large and small parts. Being able to handle any kind of material and also offering finished welding products, treatments, and other kinds of services that may be required, the company is renowned locally for contract machining and meets the needs of numerous companies both in Italy and abroad.

Working from within increasingly advanced production facilities in Modena, the Lodesani & Carreri Srl team specialises in contract precision machining for small, medium, and large runs, offering the end customer good value for money at all times. The company is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. To achieve this we give the staff the opportunity to attend regular skills refreshment courses and receive training on specific processes. This way, we can guarantee maximum quality for any kind of finished product required.

Partner to leader local businesses

Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. also operates as a subcontractor specialising in the supply of precision mechanical parts.  These products are in great demand in Modena’s ceramic district, as well as throughout Italy and abroad. Through its products, our company has contributed to the development of leading names such as Ferrari, Maserati, Tetra Pack, Bonfiglioli, and many others. These parts are employed in various industries, including gearmotors, hydraulics, ship-building, earth movement, lifts, automotive, formula one, biomedical, medical, ceramic and food.

Every product made using equipment in the Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. fleet is carefully checked to ensure it is completely flawless.  The constant improvement for which the entire staff aims is also a guarantee for all our products, which can be made using any material required. In fact we have the possibility to work with materials supplied on a contract basis or to purchase any kind of raw material needed to construct the product.  We offer various kinds of precision machining including  milling, turning, drilling, keying, grinding, welding, surface treatments, hobbing, etc.

The experience gained in over 35 years in business has taught us to tackle the obstacles and situations that the market offers us every day with new ideas, and pass on the benefits to  our customers. Why not take a look at all our products in the gallery?

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