The company has a wide range of quality control tools among which you can find:

  • Software for the management of measuring instruments,
  • Software for quality system management,
  • Automatic three-dimensional measuring machine with special software for controlling the involute of cylindrical and conical gears,
  • Hardness Testers,
  • Roughness,
  • Gauges,
  • Split-Ball,
  • Micrometers,
  • Three-pronged digital micrometers,
  • Comparator for internal grooves,
  • Comparators,
  • Granite counters.

The Lodesani & Carreri Srl company is particularly sensitive to the needs of each client as it considers the satisfaction of every request to be of fundamental importance.

The main objectives of Lodesani & Carreri are:

  • Provide products with a percentage of defectiveness tending to 0 respecting the standards required by customers during the order through the supply specifications.
  • Reduce costs and time in the event of non-compliance.
  • Optimize processes to respect the delivery times required by each customer.

To achieve these objectives, the company is committed to constant organizational improvement not only through training courses of the staff, but also through continuous studies aimed at improving production cycles during all stages of production.

Lodesani & Carreri Srl is in fact certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standards from November 2011 through the CERMET certification institute.