Lodesani & Carreri

Lodesani e Carreri Srl was founded in 1984. Since the first years the company was based on quality and reliability of his products, focusing his attention on research and continuous developing of his own technologies and technical abilities.

The company is certified on standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 from November 2011. Lodesani e Carreri Srl consider essential the customer’s satisfaction throughout the use of a meticulous quality checking’s policy of his own products.

Thanks to the production’s machines always more advanced, the Lodesani e Carreri Srl’s team is specialized in production of small, medium and big production line batches always granting the high quality of the products with the best price.

The company’s car fleet have machines that allow the mechanical manufacturing of small, medium and big components, in every type of material. On request we are able to give you the finished product with welding parts, treatments and all the requests.

Thanks to its own means of transport and a continuous collaboration with an external trustworthy company, the Lodesani e Carreri Srl grants quickly delivery times with competitive prices.